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March 28, 2011

1/2 of 1/2 off = GREATNESS!!!

This weekend I had so much fun playing in the store 1/2 of 1/2 off
This store is a gold mine of fabulous-ness!! 
I think my friend and I were there for close to 3 hours. 
The greatness of this store is you can buy clothes and accessories for very little money. 
BUT...and there is always a big, fat butt...You really have to dig through a lot of garbage before finding something worth while. 
AND...there is usually something wrong with the clothes like a missing button or a faulty zipper. 
These are really minor repairs and so worth buying this way. 


This dress is a Calvin Klein. Tags are still inside....I bought this for $9.00! The only thing wrong with it is the zipper is snagged. My seamstress can fix that for less than 8.00. So worth the money. I love this dress!!

Please bare with my absolute horrific photo quality. My phone is new and I am adjusting. I will post better pics soon..Promise!!!  

 This dress plus the belt was $6.00!! (I know...another black one??)

This adorable belt was only $1.00

These were just my purchases. 
My daughter had a blast trying on a lot of the prom dresses.
I ended up buying 4 dresses at $3.00 each for her to play dress up in. 
Some of the dresses had the original tags left in and were $140+ originally.

Seriously, If you have one of these stores near you..you must go. 
There is a lot of really really bad stuff in there, but there is also a lot of really really great stuff in there. 
My friend and I had so much fun, that we will most definitely be going back again and again!!


Kacey said...

Wow - sounds like a fabulous place! Great finds!


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