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March 4, 2011

Fashion Friday - Polyvore

For the last two years I have been seriously addicted to this site. It is my crack! When I want to relax, I stop by there and let my mind wander. This site has everything. Clothes, Accessories, Shoes, Furniture, Art...like I said..everything. What I love about this site, besides being able to look at and drool over the millions of styles of clothes and accessories, is the design feature. I can spend hours putting together "collages" or "sets" with all of the items that they have available on there. This is my virtual closet!!

For instance I created this one....

Sexy Bunny Love
as well as these...
Spring Forward to 2011Owl Always Love You

On top of the set design feature you can shop to your hearts content. Be warned that not everything on there is inexpensive...in fact it is quite the opposite. You have to hunt to find bargains on there. if you want to find out more information just click on the link at the top of this post and discover it for yourself.


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