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March 4, 2011

New Inventory!

I love unique and funky jewelry. I absolutely adore necklaces and rings... It's an addiction with me really. I have started working on a few beaded designs. I got my first one done last night. Here it is....

It is made out of 52 beads. The large round with the zebra looking stripes are a sage green with black swirled through. There are small black beads and medium speckled Green and brown beads.  I have also used several small filigree engraved brass accent beads for some texture. This necklace looks great with just about any color of sweater or blouse..it is kind of a heavier necklace but it's not so heavy that it is uncomfortable. Let me know if you want this one or one like it with different colors.

The price is $15.00. 

If you are more of an earring girl I have made some new pieces of those as well.

Price: $5.00
Teal and White W/ Silver swirled through

Price: $5.00
Matches the above necklace. Sage green, brass accent beads.

Price: $5.00
These beads are beautiful up close. Clear glass beads with a burgundy center and floral pattern of pink and white

Price: $4.00
Heart shaped brass "chandelier" style earrings with round sea shells. Soft neutral browns. 

Price: $4.00
Heart shaped brass "chandelier" style earrings with round sea shells. Sage greens and some brown throughout.


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