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March 27, 2011

Oh 80's...How I Miss You!!!

My Zumba class is having an 80's night just for the heck of it.
Yes, I said for my Zumba class. 
Joining was the greatest.decision.ever!!
My friend Laura, my daughter Maddy, and myself 
decided we should go shopping for this particular occasion 
to see if we can find a totally rockin' 80's outfit to wear for our Zumba night. 
We were not disappointed!!
My friend Laura found a complete outfit with a bright yellow skirt 
and a Rainbow Bright shirt. 
She just needs to find some neon leggings to go under. 
She is awesome!!

This was just one out of a hundred outfits she tried on....

I guess I am a little pickier as I only came away with a David Bowie t-shirt. 
But...how awesome is this shirt??

I just need to find some neon green fish net tights and a ruffled skirt and I am good to go!!


MELANIE said...

Kendra....love the outfit and your tee..Bowie rocks! lol Do you have a store called Five Below near you I bought alot of stuff there for my daughters 80's punk roller skate party. They have green/black fishnets...very cool!

Im going to post your blog up on my Facebook page and send some love your way!

Lucky 7 Design
Mama J Jewels

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