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March 20, 2011

What A Beautiful Spring Day

Today totally makes up for the crappy weather from yesterday. 
Yesterday it was chilly and dark... the rain heavy and ominous. 
It's a perfect 74 degrees outside and the birds are chirping with a renewed sense of vigor.
The sun feels so good on my skin and the slight breeze blowing through my hair brings with it a refreshing sense of what is to come around the corner. 
I love spring time. 
The precursor to lazy summer days and sipping ice cold lemonade on the front porch.

I made my way to Lowe's this morning to find the perfect shade of white to paint my desk. 
Yes, I said desk, because I decided I like it better as a desk than I do as a vanity. 
I have been waffling back and forth from vanity to desk, desk to vanity. I finally made up my mind...desk it is. 

So here she is with her first 2 coats of Sawyer White...She's really starting to show her beauty!





so nice of you to stop by.. I think I stopped by & hope I left a comment. I will be back soon. Love your beautiful blog. xo Laura

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