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April 29, 2011

Fashion Friday - Bring on the Heat

With summer approaching the need for cool and comfortable clothing increases. 
Here are some ideas for what is looking hot HOT HOT for summer. 

Go bold or bust!!

These are on my must have list for summer!

Graphic tee
$17 - delias.com

Tunic top

Naughty Monkey ballet flat
$42 - endless.com

Juicy couture bracelet
$148 - nordstrom.com

Forever21 vintage bracelet
$5.80 - forever21.com

Feather earring
4 GBP - peacocks.co.uk

Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Let Me Go
$2.50 - sinfulcolors.com

April 28, 2011

Sunshine ...Sweet Sunshine!!

Praise the Lord we are finally getting to see the sun!!! 
It has been much much much needed here.

I noticed this morning that this is pretty much the end of the month which means
it's time for me to hand out my Blogger of the Month and Crafty Lady of the Month award. 
So without further ado!!

Blogger of the Month

Seriously, She has some MAD skillz when it comes to re-purposing lamp shades, furniture, etc.
I can't wait to see what she does each week. 
If you haven't followed her blog...you really should.
Just sayin'

Now for the...

Crafty Lady of the Month

I was blown away by her DIY tutorial on these bracelets.  I immediately run around looking for old purses to turn into hella cool jewelry. 
Please check out her blog and say hi!! 
She's amazing!

So there you have it ladies! My picks and loves for this month. 
Oh yeah....
I almost forgot!

 I got to pick up my buffet table. 
you know..this one!

 Unfortunately for me...because my husband will probably give me the stink eye...
I saw this table for SUPER CHEAP on my way out the door and had to grab it. 

 Isn't it precious??? I just want to pet it and call it all kinds of pretty words.
Anyways, I just wanted to share my treasures with you all!!

Come back tomorrow to see my Fashion Friday posts!

With Much love...Kendra

April 27, 2011

Recipe Wednesday - 15 Minute Strawberry Shortcake Dessert

I love spring and summer for the simple fact that Strawberries are in season...
which means that its strawberry shortcake time!

Hells yeah! 

This is my version...hope you like it.

Strawberry Shortcake - 15 Minute dessert

What you'll need:
  • Store made shortcake minis
  • Fresh Strawberries (you can use frozen during the winter season, but fresh is always best)
  • Reddi-Whip fat free whip cream
  • Fruit Dip - Recipe at bottom
  • Splenda

Follow the pictures!!

 Take one shortcake mini and place on a plate.
 Here's another view for you lol

 In a bowl slice fresh berries and sprinkle with a tablespoon of splenda and mash with a fork or a pastry cutter. 
Then add a heaping spoonful (or two :) on top of the mini shortcake.

drizzle some of my fruit dip on top of the strawberries. I like adding this because its a nice tangy/tartness to contrast with the sweetness of the berries. The recipe for my fruit dip is below.

 Drizzle it all over the berries. Sorry the picture quality doesn't show how pretty it really looks in person. Someday I hope to have a nicer camera for blogging. 

Spray? some whip cream on top and you are ready to eat and enjoy. The flavors work beautifully together...in my opinion anyways. :D

Fruit Dip Recipe - 

(Found off internet a billion years ago...)

  • 1 package of room temperature cream cheese (low-fat so you can stay somewhat healthy)
  • 1 orange
  • 1 jar of marshmallow fluff

Mix marshmallow fluff and cream cheese together with a blender until somewhat creamy. 
Squeeze the juice from the orange in and mix until smooth. 
Be careful though!!! Don't add too much juice or it will become runny. 
You want it kind of thick so it will stick to whatever fruit you dip in it. 
Then for extra zing...zest some of the orange peel into it. 

Makes an excellent fruit dip for Strawberries, Kiwi, Mango, grapes, etc. etc. etc

April 25, 2011

Thou Shalt Not....

Well, I am coveting...

a lot...



This chair. The color. Need I go on? Find it here.

This ring rocks my socks...if I was wearing any..which I am not. But I still want it.

This bed looks dreamy. (sigh)

This laundry room. So bright and chic!

Look at how cute he is! I would love to have this cookie jar.

those shelves...
this chair...minus the little yippy dogs.

I could do some serious cuddling in this chair...and book reading. I want!

I want the balls to be this bold! That table is hot too!!

Now that I have shamelessly lusted enough for ten people today...I will go and try to accomplish some work!

Have fun lusting yourselves...How can you not???

Disclaimer: None of these photos are mine. I found all of them on Pinterest and have linked them to their sites. If any of them are yours and you want me to remove them send me an email and I will do so promptly!

Double Disclaimer: I am in no way endorsing lusting and will accept zero responsibility for the result of your actions in following my ridiculousness. ;)

April 21, 2011

Hosted Giveaway!!!

Good Afternoon lovely ladies of Blog-ville! 
I am very excited this morning..want to know why?? 
Well, let me tell you! 
I am hosting a giveaway for a very nice lady that I have recently become friends with. 
Her name is Megan Volnoff and you can find her wonderful blog here.
She makes all kinds of wonderful goodies.
And even bettter...her blog-uh-versary is today!
That's why we are celebrating with her giveaway. Isn't that wonderful???

Anyways, she approached me and asked if I was willing to allow her to throw a giveaway on my blog. 
I of course could not refuse such a wonderful offer. 
Want to see what the prize is???

Here are the details on how you can win this beautiful necklace:

1. Become a follower of The Mrs. (Megan's blog)
2. Become a  follower of A Shade of Whimsy
3. Share it on your Facebook page
4. Write about it on your blog
5. Like my Facebook page here

Each one of those constitutes as a separate comment on Here!!!

FIVE...count them.. 5 ways of entering.
Could this possibly get any easier??

Contest will end on Friday, April 29th at 10 pm! 

Please know that this is a way for Megan to get more followers and spread the word about her jewelry and hand made goodies...so the most important thing for you to do is become a follower of her blog!!

My Precious!!!

I seriously am foaming at the mouth and petting it as we speak. 
Creepy much? 
I have been fawning and pining, and fantasizing over this buffet table/cabinet for months! 
I finally bought it today thanks to the wonderful woman who bought the desk I refinished. 
I love love LOVE this thing. 
Want to see her??
 Well, too bad..cause I am showing you anyways!!

Oh...and this is the chair I put on layaway. I am super excited about this one too!

Family Fun - Meal Planning

I don't know about the rest of you..but I seriously hate grocery shopping. 
Hate it with a passion!

As wonderful as it is to go to Wal-Mart and get everything I need in one location...
I really don't like the place all that much. 
I mean come on!! 
Have you seen PeopleofWalmart.com?? 
There's a reason that site exists and I swear on a stack of bibles 
that probably 85% of those are taken in the state ..if not the town..I live in. 

Wal- Mart sucks you in, chews you up, and then spits you out and before long 
you're walking in your door with hundreds of dollars in groceries and uneccesary crap 
wondering "what the hell just happened."

Bane of my existence.

So I came up with a little way of planning out my meals. 
See..that's the other problem. 
I don't want to have to think "what should I make tonight". 
I just want to do it...or eat a bowl of cereal. 
Because let's face it..that is a heck of a lot easier and involves little mess. 
So here was my solution!

Yup..that's it. Fancy huh?

What I did..you see..is write down a list of every meal I know how to make really really well
... as well as my kids (and husband's) favorites. 
I then wrote each individual meal on a small piece of paper and tossed them all into a glass vase. 
On Friday or Saturday I pull out 5 pieces of paper and that is what I plan the weeks meals around. 
I then know exactly what I need from the grocery store without having to go every other day...
which is pretty much what we were doing.
I am sure this is nothing new or revolutionary, but it's what I do. 
I would love to know how you all do it. 
How do you plan your meals? By week? Month? Day? 
Let me know. I love reading your comments!!

April 20, 2011

Before & After - Vanity into Desk

I finally finished painting and refurbishing that vanity. Yay for me!!!
AND..I have someone coming to look at it tonight, 
so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can sell it.

I really waffled back and forth on whether or not I wanted to keep it as a vanity or make it into a desk. 
I honestly would have kept it as a vanity if it wasn't for the amount of work the mirror needed...
I either would have had to re-silver the back or buy a whole new mirror.

So I  converted it into a desk. 
I really love how it turned out. 
Check it out and let me know what you think!!

Here she is all painted and pretty. Her knobs are super sexy!   

Here she is before I sanded and painted the crap out of it.
the pulls were really old and rusted. I really didn't like the style of them for what I was trying to achieve
With a minor amount of sanding. I wanted to see how easy it would be to get the stain off.

lol..I just noticed I have the drawers in reversed. Nice!
These drawers pulls were half off at Hobby Lobby. I love them!!

And here she is!!. The color of white is really creamy and pretty. My camera isn't very good so it's hard to see. That poor vanity stool had so much wood rot in the seating that I had to throw it away. I am waiting on my hubby to cut me a new one so I can recover it with an adorable swatch of fabric I have left over.

I think I did okay for my first real refinishing job! 
Now I have to finish the dresser for my girls room, a small end table, the wood headboard and foot board for my son's room, and a jewelry armoire. 
I have my work cut out for me haha!!


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