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April 12, 2011

I Dream of Furniture

No...I really do!
I had a dream the other night. 
It was a wonderfully magical and vivid dream. 
My husband being the prince he is, pulled up with a trailer stuffed full of armoire's,
tables, chairs, headboards, shelves, cabinets, coffee tables, etc. etc. etc.
He announced quite proudly he bought all of it for only $60. 
I swooned and fell into his waiting arms.
I have never been so depressed to wake up from a dream. 

However, I did find a treasure trove of furniture that is just begging me to take home. 
I totally would, except my husband has laid down the law. 
I can't buy any more furniture until I sell the pieces I have. 

Want to see the ones I am lusting after??

How gorgeous would this be in a french gray??
Why yes...that is my leg. My boots are super cute!

I want to re-upholster this bench

This chair has a really unique design. would be pretty in an antique white with some colorful fabric

this is my next piece of furniture. I love this buffet so much!

check out the legs on her!


Anonymous said...

Oh Kendra,
I am exactly the same way!! And my husband too, has forbidden me to buy any more furniture. We'll see! :)
Love all of the pieces your coveting!! So beautiful and super cute boots!
Have a great day.

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