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April 13, 2011

Impressive Makeover - Censational Girl

This afternoon I was going through the last three days worth of blogs to see what I have been missing...
and let me just say that there is so much!!!

By the way...yes, I do read every single one of the blogs that I follow on a regular basis
(in case you were wondering)
I got to Censational Girl's blog and flipped. 
The chair that she re-upholstered is AMAZING!! 
She did such a fantastic job on it that I felt compelled to blog it for my readers to see. 
Check her out here.
She is so good at what she does and I really..sincerely...hope to be as successful as her soon. 


Centsational Girl said...

Wow Kendra, that is just so kind, thank you !!! So much inspiration in blog land is right, how do we keep up? *sigh* I say keep it coming, blogs are becoming even better than print magazines!!

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