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April 11, 2011

So Much To Do...So Little Time!!!

Ugh... I have been so neglectful lately of my blog. I know I need to really work hard to get it going and put more content on here. I also have so many pieces of furniture to refinish and paint, but it seems my days of nice weather are limited. Of course this last weekend was perfect, but I spent it in Kansas City with my good friends and adorable husband. I need to quit making excuses and start cracking the whip. No vacation for you!!!

~Kansas City~

My trip to Kansas City this weekend was my first time ever. I LOVED IT!!! I know its not as glamorous and New York or Beverly Hills, but I could easily spend ever weekend having brunch at one of the million trendy restaurants at the plaza. We had Panini's at Cupini's Delicatessen. I have to say that I love this restaurant. It's just a quaint little "hole in the wall" but  the smell of the marinara and pesto that hits you as you walk in instantly makes your mouth water. I literally drooled on myself ooh-ing and ah-ing over the huge display case of pasta salads and delectable desserts. And any place that makes their own ravioli is getting an A+ from me. The wonderful Italian people make it that much better!!

After lunch we walked down through the plaza and my eye instantly went to the Pottery Barn's amazing display window. Now..I am not normally a Pottery Barn fan, but I did find myself lusting over quite a few items in that store.

I wanted these bottles sooo badly! look at the color on them!!!

Anyways, my overall impression of Kansas City left me wanting more. Perhaps I can plan a blogger girls luncheon in Kansas City!!

Oh yeah..by the way...I am working on some new jewelry. Here's a sneak peak...


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