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April 15, 2011

Some Inspiration!

This rainy dreary weather has me kind of down in the dumps.
We had beautiful weather up until yesterday and now its really cold and gross outside. 
I really hope this weekend perks back up. 

Because of this weather change I am needing some inspiration and motivation. 
How about you??
I spent about 3 hours on Pinterest last night and am so loving it!! 
Check out some of the stuff that really inspired and motivated me

 This frame is insane. (I totally didn't mean to make that rhyme)
Look at how beautiful and clever that is. I love everything about that set up.

 I am so excited to see if my peonies will end up looking half as beautiful as these. GORGEOUS!!

 Who doesn't love bright pink hydrangeas in aqua colored glass bottles?? Point them out to me and I'll kick them ;)

 My favorite roses of all time. I could fill my house with buckets and buckets of them. I want to take a nap in that bed.

 I am really thirsty all of the sudden. Strawberry tea?....yes please!


This looks so delicious. I swear that I can smell it right now.


Kindra-At Home With K said...

I need to look around pininterest some more. Wow! What great inspiring photos you shared! It's raining here, too...

Suzy Homefaker said...

This girl just can't get enough chippy white and pink roses.

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