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May 26, 2011

Praise Him in good times and in bad!

The last 5 days here in Joplin have been something else...I tell you what. 
Here is what I realized though...
God is good! 
It may not seem like it when you look around and hear the heartbreaking stories 
of people that have lost their loved ones and homes,
but he is. 
And I have learned that the more you lean on him and trust him 
the more you can stop worrying about yourself and help others. 
Sure its a bumpy road and there will be times of testing and uncertainty and anger, 
but how can you be grateful for the good times if you never experience the bad ones?
Bad times build character and strength. 
They forge you into a working piece of art with scars that show everyone where you've been
and what you've survived through.

But I will say that I wouldn't mind if God would take a breather for a while Lol.


Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

This is a beautiful and very encouraging/inspiring post. This is so true, we cant truly appreciate the good with out bad. So its important to Praise God in the good and the bad! Very well said. Thank you for being so strong and brave through this all. Ive been praying.. may I ask if you know any more about that little boy Skylar who was missing? Ive prayed for him and asked my family to pray to.. and just in general for whats happened over there. I hope there is good news at least concerning the little boy. My heart just breaks thinking about it.

à la parisienne said...

Every time a disaster like this happens, I can't help but think "Did I know anyone who suffered? Were any of them followers of my blog? Was I a follower of theirs?" By having friends around the world via blogland, I find myself more sensitive to these tragedies. I agree that God has complete control of every act in our universe, but I know it must be so hard when the these events affect our families.

I am glad to hear you are okay.


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