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July 1, 2011

Some Like it Hot....I am not one of those people!!!

No matter how many pieces of clothing you remove from your body...
you still feel like you smothered yourself in vaseline and an elephant is sitting on your chest.
at least that's how I feel here in the midwest. 

I totally did not mean to make that rhyme. 

I miss dry desert heat. 
This sticky wet heat is for the birds!!

Here's some Fashion Friday for ya!
Beat the heat wearing something small and sexy this summer.

It's Madness!

Or how about something tropical and exotic??

On Vacation

Bikini's aren't your style?? Then try a one piece!

Make Some Waves

No matter what your style is...
be sure to wear lots of sunscreen and take time to enjoy and relax.


christini yogini said...

love the inspiration! hope things 'chill' for ya!

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